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plication to the Practice of Medicine and Surgery. JBy John B.

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that far better results were secured than by waiting

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beginning to recognize the excellent results attained by

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certain lateral or transverse valleys, at right angles

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206; weight four months ago, 155; at present time about

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He considered the features of the bacillus pestis, its

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logical results. He calls attention to the profound

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.so far as practicable, as by reliable forms of electricity,

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with the same executive and administrative privileges

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epileptic attacks ; there was cloudiness and thicken-

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tains a valuable hiljliosraphy and an important discussion of the

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dren were sufferers from typhoid during the milk epi-

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lire dependent essentially upon tiie resulting modi-

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skilled observers as Grassi in Italy, Koch in Italy

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the entire subject in a small volume, and the usual

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into the trachea. This it was found necessary to do

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ensues after about ten minutes and lasts for an hour

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a passion, and he always drove and rode the finest ani-

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daily average of one less than in the previous year.

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which are associated with great cardiac instability,

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17. Karwowskl, von A. : Monatsh. f. prakt. Derniat., 1902, band

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Society, he took occasion to criticise severely the

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been the part of the laboratory assistants to invite a

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the Boston City Hospital, held April 15, the following appoint-

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other hand not raising alarm from being either very

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three years, receiving post-nasal applications and nasal

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1SS7 he improved what he considered a faulty technique,

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servations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith of the United

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the same house, or amongst successive occupants of the

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tacks of pain. Owing to great weight of patient it was de-

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overstrained and a body overtasked, he was burning the

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works which pass under the title of the Assises de Jerusalem, and

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tinued fever. Complication : cystitis, thrombosis of

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ache she was quite free. In' fact I believe she had

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