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bumen. In true albuminuria, where serum-albumen appears in the urine,

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stomach, there will be a dull, uneasy feeling, sometimes one of warmth,

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or mixed with lime-water, seltzer, or some other mineral water, and various

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Prognosis. — This is bad only in the suppurative variety.

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danger. The pulse is increased in frequency, the skin dry, and there is

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dyspnoea is sudden in its advent and extreme, amounting to orthopnoea.

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irritation, or in some ulcerative cleft in the tongue, there appears a small

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the ligation of the femoral. The artery may also be tied in the lower

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a sense of unusual fulness in the stomach, accompanied by a feeling of

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about him, but in severe cases, he knows nothing. Under all circum-

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aside. The hernial contents are then restored to the abdominal cavity

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it ; tricnsjnd murmurs are loudest over the lower part of the sternnm ;

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to the Secretary in writing before being admitted. The Infirmary cannot under-

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IV. Blood poisoning may cause haematemesis, as scurvy, yellow, typhus,

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ache may persist throughout the disease. It is usually accompanied by

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ulna project prominently in front of the forearm. It must be noted

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more or less pain in tlie affected lung, may exist for a long time before there

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of the capsule, a sciatic dislocation will result. If it leaves at a higher

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simple, but require a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the joint

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relation of the structures be understood; furthermore, what muscles

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upon the shoulder, which drives the acromial end downward and inward,

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bronchial catarrh accompanied by a cough, with frothy, blood-stained,

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ulated without pain. The peculiar hydatid fremitus is sometimes obtained

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German measles, or e2ndemic roseola, has been regarded by some as a

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the face, hands, or arms and is first manifest by a little papule, after

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the direction of the return circulation. Each turn of the bandage

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of the many efficient natural waters ; or, if indicated, a mercurial purge

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larynx only is involved there is difficulty of insiDiration, but when the

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nitis, vomiting, and diarrhoea which may pass into dysentery. In severe

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or absence of the respiratory murmur, — in the chronic form, over a limited