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tricuspid — Aortic ami 7;?<//«o?ifw?/ stenosis and recjurgitation — Special

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3 Berliner lelinische Wochenschrift, November 7, 189S.

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winking of the system. But " substitution " has to share the

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muscles of the skin and peripheral arteries during the cold stage.

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the sediment. The presence of blood-casts in the sediment of tlie urine is

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area traversed by the palatine arteries, and directed outward against

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placed beneath the bedding. If the water is replaced

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caries of the first and second ribs and the adjacent parts of

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says she took digitalis at that time and that she blamed it for

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and its curve is to be directed so as not to cut )x^

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used are rhubarb and aloes, and, in obstinate cases, extract of colo-

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plishes this, it is immaterial whether we use the term "phagocytic"

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five hours. The swelling then returned, but to a less degree.

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the annoying cough we have numerous demulcents and other pallia-

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bone-marrow. We are not acquainted with a.ny records' of post-

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rays carry a negative electric charge, and the negative elec-

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immediately next the spine and below the primary bronchus), or at the

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evolutional changes in adapting itself to varying condi-

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not likely that the velum would have improved audition.

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the article of diet which Dr. Simmons recommended in

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indications. Urticaria : pathological phenomena ; tlierapeutical

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of this distinguished gentleman to this city, he has

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observes that of forty cases in which this operation

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man who had never had any symptoms of gastric ulcer nor showed

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cholera infantum and simple diarrhea did not agglutinate any of

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si^ge des inuiges entopiiques. Rc-c. d'opbih.. Par.. 1885,

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figured. The traces (Figs. 16, 17), collected from j)a-

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epitbelium) by the uriniferous tubules ; but, in many cases, and in

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in five of this number rupture had occurred though it

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sential fevers ; these are inflammatory, bilious, mucous, ady*

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to apply psychologic principles to general facts. In illustra-

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to make than the wooden or iron splints, they are suitable for general

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forcible twisting movement of the neck, although the arterial

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when the patient, as to pain, exhaustion, or appre-