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in his writings that the granular urethritis — as we are in the habit of call-

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their so-called pyogenic membranes, and hasten repair.

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fatality among children, especially during the hot season,

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point of meeting of these two different epithelial coverings,

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pailing of the veiicle out of the fallopian tube has been dif-

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afterwards, Fra Bartolomeo writes that further down the

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A permanent gastric fistula is more endurable and less dan-

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physiologic approach to the problems of medicine, a

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injection. This swelling simulated an abscess very closely and was

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5. Calabresi, P., Arvold, N. V., and Stovall, W. D. ; Cyto-

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results of the disease. Morphine is alone powerful for the relief of pain

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of their specific causes. After these diseases have been once experienced,

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'J'he electrode here presented (in two parts) is one that

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friend, and even to entertain a certain degree of affection for its familiar

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Dislocations in Bellevue Hospital Medical College ; one of the Surgeons to

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face, including the frontalis and orbicularis oculi, weakness of the levator

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From the nature of the disease the idea of a cure cannot be enter-

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He wished to ask one or two questions, as he was only starting the plan,

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safer to postpone any further interference with the case for a week,

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One-fourth pound of vaseline. Petroleum molle is just as good and

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be double-spaced on white bond paper, and have the page

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