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rheumatism, acute and chronic, croup, angina pectoris, gout, dropsy,
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in going up stairs, kneeling or rising from a sitting to a standing position; a
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Dr. Parkes Weber, in reply, said both Dr. Hutchison and Dr. EUiot had
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symptoms. Such slight defects may or may not produce symp-
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pains and aches, shivering and chilly sensations, cold feet and
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lessly. Many years ago, Canada drove a large and lucrative trade
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sometimes preceded by one or two slight contractions of the
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abdominal operation, to the ureters is sufficiently large
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surrounding uninflamed tissues; and, further, pneumonic inflammation
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selves only found here under pathological conditions. Their normal
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be liable to the association of such a condition ? The first thing to be
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from blood causes death, but the virulence can be altered by
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Beck and Stokes: Case of Diffuse, Purulent, Ventriculoseptal Myocarditis
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Precisely similiar treatment was put in practice in this case,
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fying as divided into three departments, bleaching,
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shows the features of the trace of arterial degenera-
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0.1566 g. subst.; 10.98 cc. AgNO, soln. (1 cc. = 0.001794 g. CI).
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and insanity were considered to be two entirely different states— the latter
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entirely through the muscular portion to the peritoneum,
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in Fig. 6 (Record 12) may also be explained by the coincidence
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use of the waters as from change of scene and the incidents of travel.
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Dr. Denman thinks, that retroversion of the uterus may,
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is plainly a compound affection, consisting of hypertrophy with dila-
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in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Medical Department of the
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corporeal cycle of the parasite is completed ; and in this way the parasite
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the American Association of Physicians ; of the Ameri-
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of Sciences at the Institute of France, Dr. Jules Cloquet
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cough, and diphtheria. In measles it may be a sequela, or may be an
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or they may be absent altogether. In an incipient case, on the
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the liver only slightly so. Except the above-mentioned
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the Duties of Physicians in Certifying the Causes of