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cervical region, myosis of one or both pupils may be present, drooping of
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days, but recurred from time to time. About six months after the hnema-
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to term, and both mother and child be saved? If the insertion is mar-
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ligaments there is necessarily concomitant muscle weakness,
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he asserted that the only real difference between this
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or of an aneurism of the aorta, pulmonary artery, or coronary arteries, and
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inferred that the microbes were in the dirt surrounding the
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entire body, it followed that the increased activity of the mus-
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ments will be communicated by-and-by to the public. I cannot can-
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during which time the cell count varied between 36 and 50. The last treat-
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occurs gradually through the restorative powers of nature,
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monlv over cavities. It does occur in the chest, however, in which no
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fulminating cholecystitis. What, then, is the conclusion ? Clearly that
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Acts, takes or uses any of the designations enumer-
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acquainted. The defence set up ■was that the communication
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by the fact that blood usually issues from but one nos-
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deep pui'ple tint. The former is indicative of disease, and
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excepting with caution in the chronic stages of the disease.
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hours, until manifest improvement or change results.
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intimate nervous connection between the brain and the sexual organs requires no
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Superintendents of insane asylums recognize there is
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surface. It rapidly dissolves mucinous materials, fats
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Some cases of eczema and psoriasis have passed into general exfoliative
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the non-pulsating vessels (i.e. the veins) the finest and
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It is now beUeved that cholera, in its origin and its progress,
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permit, by more muscular exercise. The remedies indicated are those which
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this peculiarity in putting the foot to the ground, it is apt to be
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Illustrations and Plates newly drawn for this edition.
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highly-esteemed friend, Dr. G. Neumayer, then Director of the
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numerous about the middle of the cervical enlargement, and dimi-
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tory pr permanent, that have followed laminectomies. The presence