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The nerve fibres (some of which may originate in the nucleus of the
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Medical and Surgical Registrar is appointed by the Committee
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ciation with the negro. Typhoid fever is no respecter of rich or poor;
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and expressions of opinion, suggestions, or inquiries addressed to him or
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carcinoma may develop. The Centers for Disease Control
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Eastern Poland through which they passed. The number of the
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decubitus in a state of prostration bordering on coma. Cerebro-spinal
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This parasite lives in the vagina when the reaction of the mucus is
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often not the case. I have seen cases of jaundice with a white-coated tongue.
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will be near the University College Hospital and the Soho Square Hos-
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H. lignieresi Laveran, 1906. In eel at Buenos Ayres.
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ditions of the teeth. This part of the work Avill no doubt receive
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