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They can only be diagnosed with certainty when situated in the left
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variation in one part of the organism may show itself along with a variation
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5lh, at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. T. C.
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heel swing over into place. The position of the os calcis
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teries had been injected with tallow. The anterior extremity of the left tem-
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A new board of health was organized at Hot Springs,
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that hospital, which gives the HMO a 1 5 % discount, the six-
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X. 1.5-2L — 9Iartiii (G ) L'hviiieue de la vue dans I'ecri-
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The discussion on Dr. Munde's paper was postponed until
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In consequence of the suifering which these aggravated
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of Bardenheuer^ has just appeared. It illustrates practically every
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1 as it were the very body of heaven in its clearness/
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Krause, p. Deutsche Archiv fiir Klin. Med., Ixxxvi. 442.
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peritoneally into the guinea pig. The temperature was 40°C. on the 5th day,
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the rules specially laid down by the founder of the
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side of the electrical organ to the other, would exhibit a succession of
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above had disappeared. The patient continued to Improve after this for a short
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pain, but the face was not indicative of distress. Vomit-
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The languages used during the congress may be (Jcrnian,
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To return to the use of chloroform as a means of in-
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pain at the point of lesion, and the cubital glands were
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returns with increased vigor ; and if this general deple-
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but not what he then called the jugular embryo-cardia, because it was exactly
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the doctor is to hold a seat on the board of his company and
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among other shrubs without injurious results, if the plants
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The gradual development permits of an ana-mia of very high grade, the
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bothriocephalid tapeworm as occurring in the United States.
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Parts Infested. — The attack is made upon the skin,
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to point out the precise nature and objects of VN^hat
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stitutions, our religious tendencies even — since it is no
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1896, xii, 1, p 20. Laffitte, Gangrene of the Lungs after Influenza, Monograph,
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and we had a nodule cut, and the section w^as universally diagnosed as sar-