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Fig. 2 (Case 2). — First record, May 2, 1915. Form of ventricular complexes

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silver nitrate, xanthin silver), but no guanin or adenin seemed to be present.

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cannot do, nor can any one else except the general practitioner.

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those presented. Spigelia, spongia, and staphisagria have but

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into general use), 63,308 ; 1771 to 1800 (when inoculation was almost universal),

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(the physician) " discharged his professional duties

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tion. The excess of nutritive organic elements, reserved in the

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blood corpuscles. It migrates with these, modifies their

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pure culture from the patient. Even here, because it might be

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an invalid. In 1897 she had one of the most sudden and

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inflammatory abdominal conditions may be suggestive of non-malignant

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Health Reports. — The following cases of smallpox,

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diabetes. The abnormal presence of sugar in the blood is expressed by