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the brain and its membranes, beginning fatty degeneration of the liver,

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ing of the Mississippi Valley Medical Association. Among

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of him in writing by three reputable citizens to the Mayor

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economic advisor, said “the plan was to raise reve-

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general sallow condition of the skin. Several ounces of yellowish

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few years, in which there was a more or less acut*^

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The patient can be roused, his attention fixed and his replies become ap-

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lishing a bureau to supervise the houses of prostitution sounds

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In two of them, no morbid appearance of the brain was discovered. I have'

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portion of positive fixations indicated. It is rather striking to note

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department of F. Stearns & Co. of Detroit, and is divided into three

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begin to sympathize with the internal structures, and effusion into the

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of certain cases of tonsillitis. The same view was held in regard to

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arterio-venous cyst in popliteal nerve, 157 ; at hip-

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either by aff'usion, the most efficient method, or by immersion. These

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In one soldier the itch appeared immediately after vaccination, but

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Renal Colic. See Abortion — Amyl-valerianatc — At-

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ilis was never entirely eradicated from the individual;

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function. Thiazides may add to or potentiate the action of other anti-

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It did not seem to cause pain. The ulnar nerve on this side is not

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of manufacturing antitoxin. His argument is that it

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lovers, and none shall deliver her out of mine hand.

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In this country I only know of two hospitals, the Koyal Infirmary,

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naissances Med. Chirurg.) — A few years since M. Roge proposed the

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the observed and the calculated osmotic pressures are compatible

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apartments is lower than in larger houses, save from 35-55, In one-

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eggs) 2 dr., decoction of linseed 2 quarts; for 2 doses, at an

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the fingers to the posterior limits, and, withdrawing the

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organs in 77 cases ; possibly 11 of these cases must be added to the first group

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this nature; and in my judgment in the very near future we will be lifting

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giving chloroform for the purpose of making an examination to deter-

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member and those of the opposite normal member, must be taken

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insanity which developed with it. The # menstruation ceased from

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Treatment Ganglia of the Sympathetic Nerves Symptoms

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afterward yellow or reddish. The scabs which form are of a dark

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1862, were only 9, rose in September to 34, in November to TO, and in