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or subtropical regions, although the parasitic worms of the genus Filaria,

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vaccination, Dr. Fearn observed that it brought to his mind a very

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must be taken to protect the patient against change of weather,

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ably. In well-marked, but favorable, cases there are three

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probably the majority of cases are of a mixed character, though sometimes

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and even synchronous, with croup in the majority of epidemics. Since

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more commonly used. As in childhood, chilling of the surface during

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probably arisen from the injury observed by Huxham to follow the use of Mrs.

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means of irrigation. It is only in Lower Bengal, in parts of

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the level of the fifth rih, at the posterior part of the hase of the

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processes receive due attention. It seems probable that the interrenal system,

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author thinks tliat the number of remedies is in inverse pro-

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gree of art and science. Those illustrating massage and physical

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^ Gerster, " Aseptic and Antiseptic Surgery," p. 5.

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operate in the acute stage, where there is clearly an

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ing without difficulty a girl weighing 7 or 8 pounds. The

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It rose again in one or two minutes, and although the process was

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changes, due to a chemical action between the gauze and the discharges under

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This was placed under the skin just below the chin in a

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make thirty powders. The dose of iron and. nus vomica is

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tensely or when a special susceptibility of the nervous system exists, also

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a graduate of the National Medical College at Washington of

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Jn case none of these are procurable, a strong tea made with Stramo-

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whether it can entirely fail remains for discussion.

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you wish a stronger ointment twenty drops may be added to an

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such for instance as the knees, the shoulders, and the elbows ; and one

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This termination of the papulae is very unlike what happens in

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made from the mucus of the turbinated mucous membrane did not yield the diplo-

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Recovery is exceedingly rare. The cause of death usually is asthenia,

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Ophiasis, from ofiufnii^ which is derived from offi, a serpent,