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brane of the small intestine, is the deposit of a layer (whose

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causes will be found present if food remains are de-

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that but very slightly. The urine continued natural in appearance and

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to be protected by a coating of lip salve or other grease.

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49 Accreditation Manual for Hospitals 1970 (Updated 1973)

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vomiting or diarrhoea. It is an efficient anti-emetic and antiseptic. It

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bacteria. He used hay or straw infusion agar, which w r as slanted and the

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Lee's question, whether it was not possible to have a

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words, apprize them of the attainments of rational medicine. They should

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The cases in this section convey a great lesson. They show the gravity

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tion, if not of exultation, that he surveyed the progress of

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mineral water against the wall of the "inhalation-saloon," and

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cient quality and quantity from being digested, the appropriate means for

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a deep ulcer extending to the cartilage and having an uneven base

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Jackson, Meridian, or Vicksburg, Miss.; for Galveston, Houston, or

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cieties of the Counties of Columbia (semi-annual — Chatham),

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from 1862 to 1864, arranged the cases under the following heads : 1, the

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disease of the liver unattended by gross obstruction of the extrahepatic

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Pyrmount in Waldeck, Briichenau in Bavaria, Schwalbach in the ex-

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only causes great suffering to the poor animal, but renders

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ness of detail, that we arc at a loss to know how the commission

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his forte, and he cared little for exercising his skill except upon

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metres. In cadavers this distance is in both sexes, accord-

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above all things, let it come within the reach of the poor.

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gauze or oakum, because of its elasticity, cleanliness,

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The work In library readings for the last few years has done much to enhance

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between the ages of two and eighteen years. He discusses the

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pathological condition of tubes and ovaries is the com-

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of the heart and inability for prolonged effort or exei

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Dr. Mayxard, of Dedham, related a case of an establishment which

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was meditating on the penny postage. A few years before and Scot-

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in my first case, when the physician makes a vaginal

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ter said that there is no absolute symmetry in Nature.

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resulting from more general movements of the hand and arm are regis-

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the CMA Certificate in Continuing Medical Education. To have

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throve. On the eighth of July, four days post jjartum,

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SON read a short paper on the treatment of traumatic

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specimen, unless it is very isolated or near the edge of the