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sidered complete when a clot of such consistency was fonned that the
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of an infection and the danger is greatly enhanced. Small ab-
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In childhood the bonesyield easily to such influences,
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paasages, which usually remain after the spontaneous external opening
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contemplated, but owing to the serious condition of the patient this was
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The lymphatics of the kidney arise from two abundantly sup-
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visual is reinforced by some other sensory impression either by touching
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1 Trans. Royal Med. and Surg. Society of London, vol. xiii. 1848.
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gametocyte (female) with the formation of the vermicule. These ob-
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was observed in five : in two of these it was present over the ster-
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"The Operation. — At the time of withdrawing by aspiration the fluid con-
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the pathologist in our public institutions, in hospitals, and in
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December 2 each eye had 6/36 and together he got 6/24. His
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The chief marks of the atrophy were the thinning of
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tained by the use of this remedy. His report is very
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there was some flattening on left side of chest, and " In the left
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not always mean the absence of disease. But if a child complains of
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gradually improved, but without any like gain in movement.
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cause is probably either otitis or posterior -basic meningitis. In otitis
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there is paraplegia, we niay sometimes operate, hoping
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that no fear need be entertained with regard to its pro-
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of two large abscesses filling the orbital cavities, from which
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dangec is increased the more laterally the canal runs towards the
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in the form of carbonic acid, bile, and urine. I have
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Angular Cnrvature of the Spine, by Dr. T. .\1. Ludlow Chrystie,