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was diagnosticated. Iridectomy was then performed on both
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were " not seeing enough of disease to make even a tolerable
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pression made on either side. If the convulsions be severe*, both arterie*
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the immunity due to childhood vaccination is largely exhausted. Many
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duced violent tremors, and sometimes spasmodic jerks ; could
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(4) The assertion of Ponti. of Parmn. that ergot must give way to quinia,
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The leg is sometimes selected to avoid disfigurement. The vaccina-
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(1) From the larger, rounded lobule visible on the cut surface.
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extension of the diseased process, depend on special
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ear deafness and the suppurative otitis media, so often
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suffer from a sort of mutism due to mental idleness.
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colorless elements of the blood alone, but also as a result of the
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has seemed to be propagated in the same way as the plague
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anion) is only about half as high as that for gelatin chloride. The
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study was hampered by the bias introduced because of the
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cancer milk of the older writers is said to consist of an
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according to the cases. The intensity should be moder-
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too, the spasms may be more intense for a time after an epileptic fit : in
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tbruied on the retinas of the two eyes, and the cond^inatiou
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versity (Sect. II, art. 1), is required of all candi-
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sequent applications. Xo serious inconvenience is caused by the
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a curved passage through the fibro-cellular tissue. Nerves
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system, that the greatest difficulties of classification exist, and the
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Pembrey and Nicol, ^ho have shown^ 1^^^^ mouth^^^ . p^.^^^^^
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twenty remedies out of the one hundred and seventy-four contain
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plete but sufficient to warrant either operative treatment
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help. It must, however, be noted that in old cases the fungus may
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On October 31, three days later, the wound was irrigated with boric acid and
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senting the author's manner of dealing with medical and
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2. Report of Auditing Committee, Committee on Resolutions., etc
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the same side as, the lesion. Similarly the 5th aDd 6th nerves
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sion, or by pressure. Even when the dropsy has resulted from
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pectorants are often prescribed for months at a time to
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^* Die tieterologen Nenbltdong der VorsteherdrUse, Vtrcb. Arclilv,