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duodenum, liver or head of the pancreas, but wishing

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the instrument will pass with its concavity towards the sacrum ; and when in-

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Climatology. — Verruga peruviana is confined to South America, and

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the faradaic current acted on tlie intramuscular nerves, and

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Has any public vaccinator in Ireland seen, one-fiftieth part of

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recognized by the leading practitioners and writers upon these

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remember right ; I think that was their demand, and that was subsequently done.

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the side of the face. It is almost an every-day occurrence to notice

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proof of the disease in the families of these men. 5. All were

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ney colic, ami seed-like calculi of uric acid were occasionally passed. To coun-

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adjacent lymph folliclea and in the peritoneal coat.

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Transactions of the Indiana State Medical Society, 1883. Indianapolis, 1883.

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the purpose. In two or these cases success was attained, with entire

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ably our readers will accept the hint to purchase such

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In another editorial the writer deals with the treatment

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Fig. 1* explains the principle upon which I conceive

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the State of Alabama; an ordinance in relation to medi-

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work, Dr. Tweedie only now comes forward to express

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only one of very many I believe this to be the true explanation

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Dr. W. G. Macdonald, of Albany, said that parotiditis as-

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Examination: Patient is much, emaciated and cachectic. There is a mass,

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patient having an ear discharge with no symptom other than edema and

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1893, Iviii, 14. AIko, Reprint. . Ou (■ei-t;nii ;niimal

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is now as easy to investigate the protean maladies of the internal female

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the history of the foregoing case is that the constitution of the patient was

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years ; Schmidt, 4 years ; Bergmann, 4 years ; Solis-

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is not unfrequently met with ; the others are very rare. The time