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accelerated the heart's action ten or fifteen beats a minute at first, but that
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though oxygen has not actually intervened. Consider two cases.
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building since it was erected, I think, as the motion says, that we should have some definite
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and this was certainly a case in which a difference of opinion might be
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for me the thirty-six propositions which embodv, in his own langnage,
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you wish a stronger ointment twenty drops may be added to an
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complete sterilization of hands and instruments after each case had been
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to the dryness, mildness and purity of the air in which
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of chronic interstitial pneumonia occurring in practice will be found t<> h>
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of an infantry depot at Limerick. Beef was at that time
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region; (b) a muscle inserted along the ventral side of the rod and
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These yielded to venisection, and several applications of
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fortuna t h ftl ^ ^ ° f ^ 5 but in the -ean time it is u "
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at all, increased. In one case, Jacobsen' found the quantity of urea too small
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before its exit from the pelvis, above the middle of Poupart's ligament,
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peated chills in which it was tried, it seemed to speedily check
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its sides, which are to be used as the electrodes of an elec-
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Generally proper attention is paid to convenience, suffi-
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coats, and many solitary lymph-follicles, but no serous
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carried by the same vote: 21 to 11. Several of the French-
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hemophilic cryoprecipitate was only introduced as a therapeutic product in
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1875 the percentage of applicants for treatment who were
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into the intestine of the dog,) into a mature worm. The disease
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also seem to demonstrate that shortening of the liga-
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The control showed no lesions. One cat had slight cirrhosis of the
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house while still perfectly well, and had gone to other
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no more efficacious than that olifained by the " nrm-
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The Kings County Medical Association met on November
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" I can't shave without a glass ! why is it not here ?" " Oh 1" said
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to give a good view ; it is only in the third, or perhaps not till the fourth,
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regular pupil of St. Thomas's Hospital, from 1792 to 1793,
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taining fat granules, together with eosinophilic cells and a very few
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These observations are, we consider, of much importance, and
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larly in patients who do not tolerate cyclosporine or who