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invertebrate's alimentary canal into the blood of man.
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employ the usual phrase) have passed into an " atonic " condition. But
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The bases of both lungs were solid from pneumonia. Microscopic ex-
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being studied by special commissions. The prevalence of pneumonia
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B. Covert of Geneva ; second vice-president. Dr. J. M. Lee of
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Bones, Joints, Muscles, Tendons, Bursas, etc. ; this
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symptom of softening of the brain. This is a false view of the matter.
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charity patients. City ambulances took 504 persons to
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Rooky Mountain spotted fever, 177. Spotted fever of
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acute gastritis, vomiting is a more prominent symptom than in hepatic colic,
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cause such extreme consequences, and yet not have suffered
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his mind. To him the Asylum was indeed a refuge, and he vras
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Respiration. — Chloroform does not markedly affect the
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of the upper extremity. I know that it is common practice with general
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easily escape notice unless one is familiar with the exact
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by asthenia in combination with apnoea, the former predominating. Death
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directly, and that it never breaks fresh ground unless
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correspond to the papilloma occasionally seen, and so easily cure$ by
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since neither components of nucleins — histone and protamine (Gay
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mass of plumes of minute, hair-like needles which contain one-half
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bade, to the nates, anterior abdominal wall, and genitals. In this
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denotes the development of cell-formations within the exudation. These
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B. Treat & Co., New York, is made up with contributions by
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Congress, either upon the subjects specified in the programme
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turn in the scars, and is prone to relapse. It is a sort of dry gangrene
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visits at any other time as an advisor and teacher of
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