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sionally attended the lectures given by Drelincourt, who

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where breathing is somewhat diminished. No rales are heard.

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" We may, then, affirm as a most imjportant axiom, that the

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assumes a grave responsibility. Some seem to require a cold i bracing atmo-

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oxygenation of the tissues results and uric ness of hearing results.

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at these times so often suffered from tooth- and face-

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in a long list of valuable discoveries, which have added

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of any authority to fulfil duties of this kind, the occupier iu

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cultured. The patient eventually developed Raynaud’s

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succeeded in isolating cadaverin from such urines. Others have been

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All will admit that every temporal blessing sinks i

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ing the organ in the loose cellular tissue behind the in-

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On July 6, 1827, I witnessed the first case of htemorrliage

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duced certain pieces of metal, called tractors, which he contended would cure certain

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and Bacelli, the Italian pathologist and Cabinet Minister, were

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And the doctor, nigh wild at leaving his child, said, " Well, I must go all

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period is shorter; the con\Tilsions are tonic; trismus is an early and per-

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istered after its discontinuance, the patient simply

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to young unmarried women who suffered from painful menstruation.

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mutual relations; and the best recommendation of any one of

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for the most part, took the form of detached essays, published from time

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widely dilated, the latter being sometimes large enough to receive a pencil.

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that the rectal and inunction methods have no advantages. "Thyroido-

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au Examining Board, is running the risk of pushing its func-

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Lea (loc. cit.) observed the retention of the urea ferment by

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be performed or not. If we recognize there is a condition present

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tion does not set in, and if they are removed during adult life pre-

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apply mustard poultices or stimulating liniments to the chest. But in

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happened to me to witness an attack which occurred when I was interro-

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child could not speak a single word.^' Next morning. Dr. H. found

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Cases which prove fatal in the condition of coma, cannot be differentiated, by

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odor to the breath. This poor digestion is one reason for the great loss

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