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according to L. Coze, it opposes the loss of phosphates from
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fectly useless. He asserts that there can be no curative action
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move the head and eyes in all directions, and could follow the finger as
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Dr Marshall Hall repeated the experiments of these observers, with the following
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Valerian. — Horses and cattle, 2 to 4 oz., several times
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used with caution in women delivering premature infants.
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theory that the local purgative action of glycerin is due to its power of
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to heaven, vowed that she would destroy the wretch, the
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the evolution of the vaccine pustule in the calf, and by means of histo-
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toms of a general infection, any local symptoms having
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assumed a more or less chronic character. It is during this second period that I
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Dr. Swinburne remarked that, in 1851, he treated over eight hun-
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physical character of the abdomen. The abdomen was getting
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antipneumococcus serum (Kyes) in the treatment of lobar pneumonia. The
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local anesthesia and sedation, or general anesthesia, nitrous
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Radich added that some may be surprised to hear that women are the second target for the casino's
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In a word, this metal, under whatever shape it is administered against
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At the annual meeting of the Alumni Association of Boston University School of
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cornified, the cornea ulcerates or turns leucomatous,
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which the brain was found diseased, the fevers were ataxic. He
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pain in his bowels, burnim; and lancinating pain in his legs and
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Feat of a primary unreasoning kind is met with. Of the special
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who vot6d to lay the whole subject on the table, and
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or "nits," within six days; these white "nits" are attached to the hair,
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is known as the cottage plan. They were favorably situated in an airy
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and which are not disturbed ; but if the abscess has been
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were chosen for further study that grew into long chains in broth.
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the level of the fifth rih, at the posterior part of the hase of the
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of revision. This fact alone should have entitled the committee
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the ligament, as shown by the Fallopian tube occupying a
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only to emphasize the principle involved. Let us de-