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Treatment, With Sections on Anatomy, Physiology, Analysis of Stomach Contents, Dietetics,
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Collateral hyperemia may arise from anemia of the opposite lung.
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Sanitary Act, 186G. This is manifestly an inconsistency ; for,
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their lives to drudgery, and concealed from them the secrets of
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* Treatment of wounds, ulcers, and abscesses, 1894, p. 14.
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may be bloody. Exclusive of the cases in which it contains blood,
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weight catgut. Silkworm-gut sutures are next passed through
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To prevent major complications, the insertion of the pericar-
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must be directed to guard against a loss of protein material to the
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Reference is made to the risks attendant upon instrumentation in cases
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sense will dictate to every man, that unless he have an iron constitu-
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patient to carry out some simple but unexpected command, such as " Lift up
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mucous membrane, but by temporarily interrupting the
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from above or from below, and by this or other similar
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spread without the original source being recognized.
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courageously shut himself up with them ; and it was
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pneumonia. The other viscera were normal, llie men-
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spring, from the remote South have been gathered green, are
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to its instability by attempting to pass'a measure on a
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Leared's letter. He states that I speak " of the propa-
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Other eruptive fevers, as measles and scarlatina, were not uncommon in
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The instrument should be passed every third or fifth day, employ-
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34. Sulphate of Zinc in Chorea. — Whilst visiting the medical wards of Guy's
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tenderness on pressure. Abdomen is considerably swollen, especially at the lower
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on the morning of April 27th, but it would seem not after-
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tion, to be elected as are other officers of the Section ;
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rience occuired to I)r Jennings with refen nee to scarlet
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tions. Fournier's personal statistics show that 90 women infected
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In Cases of Debility, without high Fever. — Dr. Copland.
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operated on. We must confess that in all these cases there were