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In 1897 North America consumed 1,000,000 ounces of quinine,

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mechanical influences " (Playfair) ; therefore there is much probability

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He then took two years in medicine at the University of North

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April 24, 1911. His daughter, who was living at home, suffered her

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Rubber Heels for Patients with Pott's Disease. — Dr.

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therapy and strong mental suggestion. We must not, however, overlook

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ticed. Inquiries directed to these, and other similar points,

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human body, gives details of some supposed instances of transmutation

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tion to which the boy had been subject from infancy, viz. haemorrhage.

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lesion makes its aijpearance accounts for this special clinical process. Let me add that

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conditions are quite distinct in the horse, as in that case there

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On January 2 2d, assisted by Drs. Rau and Brothers, I

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