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I Because of a severe storm, the Battle of Newport,
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Suppuration beneath the periosteum is not uncommon, and
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bances: postural hypotension (may be aggravated by alcohol,
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Cerebellar Disease," Edinburgh Hospital Reports, vol. v. 1898. 31. TAYLOR. "Optic
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The parovarian cysts are likely to burst spontaneously, but the
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As students are often anxious to begin the study of
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reasonably suspected, and also during epidemics. Isolation should be con-
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Toothache is often cured with one drop of Carbolate of Glycer-
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the pulse as the frequent occurrence of irregularity. Children will some-
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The author calls attention to the conjunctiva as consisting of two
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found in the animal body. They are often found on our common
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The prognosis for patients with positional vertigo is
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Dr. Wvi.ik tlid not claim that it necessarily cured the
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fact, one may say that this part of the encephalon refuses to recognise the
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caine," by A. Guinard, M.D. ; "The Pathogenesis and
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observation but a short time, and his recollection of the
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Round Top Medicine Trunk, Made of Russet Bridle Leather.
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patient should drink freely of an infusion of thorough-
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tions made to him, he may fall a victim to this temptation. The very