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great vigour." The first important experiment on this subject was that
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and is dark slate, or brown, or black. The deposits of pigment take
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ence of which gives them their claim to that designation,'
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After having carried their load through the protecting or defensive
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given should not be too large. Rectal enemata may be used if necessary.
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and they were removed at the Throat Hospital. He was not again
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steadily worse. The symptoms were intermittent, lasting a
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Some Clinical Aspects of the Plague as Observed in Oporto
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very little after-pain or bleeding. Of the 8 cases, 5 were
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abscess, must be suspected and operation undertaken. In a
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as well as to her sufferings. She is now confined to bed, wasted and
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In Dialyzed Peptone Solution (Nitrate- and Nitrite-Free ). — As there
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while the cervical spine was so strongly lordotic that
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As the cause of a catarrhal inflammation may occasion a destruction
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otherwise over the seat of the pain. A rapidly interrupted faradic current ap-
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* ifiro sacciform appendages, by longitudinal and transverse bands.
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periodical rains, whicli seldom fail to return every year about the
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occurred ; in others, we find it a very early period of the morbid
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the principle hold good? Where is the line at which it fails?
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taire; sarcome fu,so-cellulaire. Bull. Soc. anat. de Nantes
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rate Army in suitable volumes, and will deposit them in the Surgeon General's Office, for th«
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included in the suture approximating the edges of the
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comes so severe as to cause uncontrollable restless-
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of general application. We are inclined to accept the former alter-
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that he was acting peculiarly but could not control him-
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vices gave him leave of al)sence for a year, with a continuation
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thyroidectomy performed in a few such cases in which the
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organ. Divested of its membranes, dissected, drained
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importance to remember that the artery sends out blood by
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