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impossible, in relation to civil and criminal jurisprudence, to have made pow

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for the improvement ot workshops, and for the instruction of

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dengue are lessened and the contradictions resolved if we assume

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board for physical examination of S. C. Devan, passed assistant

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370 Taylor, Syphilitic Affections of Lachrymal Apparatus. [Ajiril

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escapes from between the lips, and the tongue is bitten ; the movements are

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mentioned to those who think at all upon the great lets and hindrances

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such patients. Dr. Ewart, in describing what he called amenorrhoeal

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Mayer : Bericht tiber eine Versuchs-Sitzung in comprimirter Luft.

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rheumatism, acute and chronic, croup, angina pectoris, gout, dropsy,

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somnia and aching in the back part of the head and neck,

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i plete formula and literature furnished only to Physicians, who desire to eive same a trial

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Pregnancy. — Pregnancy has been sometimes assigned as a cause of

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were distributing the gifts that made the receivers clamorous

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think of your patient, think of humanity. Let the passion for healing

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softer than nsuaU The blood of the spleen contained acicular crystals of hsematin. Kidneys

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with remarkably good results. Perhaps, the speech by

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that the bicarbonate of potiish should be combined with the nitrate

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of the central office. This action is not taken solely or

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treatment, both in diseases puerperal and non-puerperal. |i

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sixth year. When about six years of age he went to bed one night in

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it is by no means certain that its presence, even if proved, would

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should be f^iven, in tablespoonful doses, every six hours, until a free motion

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Fig. 2. (Byron Robinson.) The course of the ureters in the male. The upper part

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Several facts indicate that the body temperature is a factor

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his vicinity. In bed, he usually lies upon his back. The limbs

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Table II : Age at appearance of first symi)tom. — This, of course, is.

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derbnuni (P.) Ett fall af fistula vesico-uterina. Upsala

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then a case occurs of accusation against one of this

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was conveyed into the room by a wire insulated with

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a criminal. She is entitled to care and not punishment. She is a

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is almost always observed, i.e., in thirty-five out of thir-

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dressed as usual. 9 P.M., patient lost about one and a half ounces of