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Case I. — Seen with Dr. Henry Gibbons, who has kindly given me a good his-
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fied, especially on specimens stained with Mallory's
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having resulted from eating uncooked vegetables from a truck garden
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logical laboratories the teaching has become more and more thorough
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of the interior to the theater of operations, where they came under
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perfectly well. In several such cases the abdomens were-
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of the isthmus. Cutting through the isthmus would give
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chir., Milano, 1893, i, 72; 130.— Salonioni (A.) Sul trat-
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abolish coroners, a reform which was contemplated by the
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" That measure has been perfectly efficient, and indeed, I
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shock, but the patient made repeated attempts at vomit-
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rangement of drain, unless it be the tampon of Mickulicz.
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enrollment of children suffering from cerebral palsy,
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certainty when atrophy of the muscles has set in. — Land. Med. Record^ October
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reading over the address, We were exceedingly pained that a member *f
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for cases of vaginitis were also reviewed. Course III. — ■
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sentences. His appreciation of the difficulty inci-
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and strengthening the system. For the first purpose,
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Alfonso Garbayo, M.D., a specialist in psychiatry, is Director of the
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Philosophers state that the body of a man of an ordinary
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" In the month of September 1745, M. Rigaudeaux, surgeon-accoucheur
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population in 1875 was 4,698,958, and in 1880 was 5,082,-
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nus ou inapereus. Mais cette opinion est un peu trop absolue. Ces symptomes pre-
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upon the system, aside from the development of dipsomania, will be re-
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are removed. But when temptation is thrown in his way, a solitary
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the worms to regret, did this little girl gradually recover,
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the opening as small as possible, removing the foetus carefully,
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cil is charged to administer. The Council may elect
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The former is about the size of a dime, or shilling-piece, is round and
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" The third case was that of H. N , aged forty-five, a butcher, admitted
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anatomic stenosis, and Plummer records 91 cases, and only 5 of the palienu
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miss these ideas. Has sh'ght insomnia, consisting of rest-
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Dr. Frederick Pollard, Senior Assistant-Physician to the Liverpool Infir-
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