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Soreness in the scalp is more constant. Pulse grows weaker. Power of
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theories of a streptococcus origin and of a microbial!
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capitis is characterized by an eruption composed of dry, fine, fur-
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gram of phenolphthalein in 50 c. c. of alcohol, and adding an equal
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structure which, in the first instance, it may be well to note.
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March ISth, at 9 a. m., the patient stated that he had slept
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results- obtained, we have the following : The obiect of
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currence, and is liable to be mistaken for other troubles
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cause and the predisposition prevailing among the people. Admitting the
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the system, and local or addressed to the local lesions, the former being
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been indicated by Miiller. In the former condition a large percentage
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the luxating force places it, but by an immediately following
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This is the principle to which reasoning and experience
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high power magnifying lens the cellular spaces are a little
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not be tolerated. The progress of the disease was slow until fifteen
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While the patient at first is able to walk fairly long distances, this power is
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tained despite the conservative process of embalming, is just
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1. The transmissibility of pulmonary tuberculosis is
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interest in so far as certain observers have ascribed to them a role in
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me hare appeared in the medical journals, I beg the
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with Port wine, in the treatment of dropsy. He thinks that the influence
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six weeks, thereafter on half milk and water and Nestle's milk
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seems as though acute appendicitis can be explained
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tinued to work most satisfactorily and greatly to the levrfit of
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or less in diameter, at first isolated, then rapidly confluent and tend-
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general atrophy of all the cerebro-spinal centres, but there was entire
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nil the power that rightfully belongs to him, l)ut it will be
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