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Hemorrhage is the escape of blood through the walls of the vessels or of
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posed before that time. Some years afterward, in visiting
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good effect, when the following mixture was resorted
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with which the dilatation may be accomplished suffi-
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Mosti (// Policlinico, Surg. Sect., June. 1915) dis-
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" The weather during' the past few days has been excep-
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ciety selected by the president of the county societies
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repeated doses has done its work and the blood count is subnormal,
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The absence of ideal conditions necessitates efforts at correction. En-
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probably the majority of cases are of a mixed character, though sometimes
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" A difference of opinion prevails, of whether it is best to
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the voice remains more or less altered permanently in quality.
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ments for successful birth registration because there was, in fact, no
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this dSsease because I feel that we have in this drug a
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readily imagine that the poor doctor who might be filling in this
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binated hypertrophy. A very narrow chink in the left
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as students of science. It will suggest also, we think, the
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563. Malaga Cake — Ingredients — i cupful of butter, 2 cupfuls of
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supra-vaginal hysterectomy. In spite of the serious con-
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function. Thiazides may add to or potentiate the action of other anti-
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utterly useless were all the vegetable styptics we tried, and I
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0.1566 g. subst.; 10.98 cc. AgNO, soln. (1 cc. = 0.001794 g. CI).
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organisms could be carried 600 miles, surely far enough to reach some
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skin that lay over the growth, about five inches in breadth, and all the scar of the
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removed them ; and you have seen them, when employed in this way,
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taken. The proposed changes are presented for final action