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that he does not regard the symptoms as of great consequence.

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months' uterus ; recedonce noted. (Notes by Dr. Irvin Sellers, of Preston.)

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Auxerre. 1898, xxxviii, 59-64. — Dosir dc Fortunet

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far more soluble than the pure alkaloid, will be found more

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reaction was unexpected, and probably due in part to the somewhat

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scientist in the world. He celebrated his one hundredth

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convoluted, tendril-like vessels, most abundant in the back part of

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Cerebellar Disease," Edinburgh Hospital Reports, vol. v. 1898. 31. TAYLOR. "Optic

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materials that our country can afford, and in the very

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a house to house inspection and every person had to be vac-

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Kohlen-saurespannung des Blutes in der kardialen und pulmonalen

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^* Die tieterologen Nenbltdong der VorsteherdrUse, Vtrcb. Arclilv,

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in the commencement of the attack ; the higher the constitutional symp-

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Before the appear the names of antidotes to the medicines

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amusing mess of nonsense, a seriocomic gathering of

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these difficulties become exaggerated, and ether is a

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Bronchitis. Acute Bronchitis in Young Children. Bronchitis affecting the small Bronchial

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of the patient in some of the forms of apoplexy, and

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governor of Virginia. In her veins flowed the blood of

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tissues. The broiichial glands were by far the most

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power; " and he supposes it to be abstracted from the arteries,

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"Sea Gull," for Key West, at a suspicious wharf; Am.

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sion and irritation of the nerves. In the second stage the nerves become

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scopic pus in the urine and any pelvic disease, the condition can be

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In the Boston Medical andSnrgical Journal for 1842, 1 believe, there

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until four weeks before his death, a period of more than twenty years,

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11. Lanz, W.: Zentralbl. f. Chir., Leipzig, 1911, 38, 3, 153.

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thus, in 1822, the number amounted to 2800 ; and, in 1828, to 3400.

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became enlarged and the neighboring reticulum was pushed apart.

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of this feature alone before the Wound was explored.

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Junior and Senior students who have an interest in Obstetrics

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she has been compelled to get up two or three times at night to pass water,

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left shoulder was greatly swollen, and the swelling extended

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dually very much depressed. Her despondence increased, and