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causes will be found present if food remains are de-
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Surgery/General Practice: Age 31; University of Florida
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The statement put forth by the experts in the Watson and
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repeated as recuperation takes place, and the child can
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druggists, herbalists, and imposters of all kinds. The abuse was so
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probable presentation of the child at the time of parturition," and that "to
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changeable as ours, and where there is a constant admixture of land and
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uneasiness after defecation, and tendency to constipation, may trouble
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mit yellow fever, it does not ajJpear extreme to advance
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local health departments in five years. Such a program affords the
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tended by high rate of mortality, owing to liability of the
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meters on tube a. Then the calculation for any temperature or barometric pres-
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speech area from the triangular part of the inferior frontal gyrus of the left
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to take pains to suggest that they" had better have
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defective, or should a collateral portal circulation be
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contains a small mound of neuro-epithelium called the crista.
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days digestion occurs both in the alkaline and in the acid medium,
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which is to be observed in the ha^maturia of gonor-
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reduced by careful and judicious management. Perhaps one of
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not feel sick at all, though he is a little weak. He often
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to give a good view ; it is only in the third, or perhaps not till the fourth,
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muscle of the crossed side, indeed in many cases I saw
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In the Russian Federation, reported diphtheria cases
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Dr. GrUUner^ then assistant physician in the Medical Policlinic, in a
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Fever, therefore, is JWdure's Panacea; her universal remedy. Shall
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Infusi Cinchonae, ^viiss. Misce. Dosis, pars sexta ter
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for a short period, their healthy or natural state. The patient
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ment, while in the larger blood-vessels the corpuscles with adult para-
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will consist of three blocks, the largest of which will
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usefulness of drugs is drawn from the reports of men
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duties, he has followed up the cases that T shall report, at their homes,
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lead, the prognosis is generally favourable. Thus acute alcoholic
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compulsory notification had been introduced, such as Norway
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for recognition of a variety of mechanisms, including prospective reimbursement.