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help to the ophthalmic surgeon since its introduction. This
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101° to 103° F. (38.3°-39.4° C), with possible headache and vomit-
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After an absence of thirty-four years I visited San Fran-
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ring, and below this there is no membrane or scales. Re-
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torsemide and lasix
Coit and Hastings were general practitioners, the latter the
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After fermentation has gone on for months the bottles are
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addresses of the reporters; they are chiefly from private practice.
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used as a simple water-bag, by filling it and corking the openings.
torsemide rxlist
Ptomaines — Definition of, etc. — Composition of, etc. — Vegetable Al-
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tween affections that show a close correspondence in their symptoms,
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The prognosis is favorable, and it is rare for erysipelas to assume a
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know of no organ of the body, of no function of the body, of
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come emphysematous. The right ventricle is, as a rule, hypertrophied.
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the arteries of the lower extremities. Thrombi are found in the right
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" In the epidemic of 1873-74, patients in the algid stage were ener-
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