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Professor N. R. Smith, of Baltimore, has recently communicated a paper to
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after the best models of the Eastern States. The whole discipline of
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had ceased,* I tapped her through the linea alba, midway between
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signs of perforation of the bowel with a leucocytosis of
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ganglion may be dissected out with safety he cannot say, but in one instance,
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W. B. Owen, Esq., £1 Is. ; James Paget, Esq., £2 2s. ; T. Page, Esq.,
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light, so introduced that it may be said to be combined with
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The members generally pay regularly and punctually, and, as
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precipitated as suboxide, but as cuprous sulphocyanate which is
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person, as can be proved by the fact that the subcutaneous inocula-
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my service at Bellevue Hospital, the treatment being carried out by the
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or instrument, or in regulating the diet and hygiene. Mental therapeu-
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it is diflBcult to see what indication they fulfil which mny not be equally
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spraying the nose with this solution for five minutes. — Southern Clinic.
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was first notably improved and afterwards disappeared entirely after
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many cases of a similar description, that I think it right to impart what-
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opposite cortical centres pass through this structure. Bristowe
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ances can scarcely even be called * corroborative.'
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of the Plains," prepared by Dr. C. D wight Marsh, expert, working
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matic pneumonias are extremely interesting in this relation and the time
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thorities, who should give the physician the latest in-
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and even the roll of their carriages on the street ;
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school of King's College in his day. Previously to 1825 he
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Sent Gratuitously, and Post-Paid, to any Physician Requesting Same*
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of deciding whether a portion of brain has been anaemic during life,
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great divergence of opinion upon the relations of kid-
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der Klumpfusses, Berl. klin. Wochenschr., 1885, No. 12.
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In answer to the first argument, from the standpoint of our
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tioned he soon began vomiting everything immediately after swallowing and
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and then hung up in a flask containing caustic potash.
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of the fund shall be awarded every three years to the best dissertation,
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the right; the right internal jugular vein was very much dilated ; the patient
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two subjects. The other essays are based upon extended
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was somewhat irregular in outline, and did not reach the
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may even be atrophied and may have undergone hyaline degen-
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ioint in front of the tibia and passing upward tore into the