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— Official notice to members of the State Medical So-
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sis — viz., silicate of magnesia in the form of talc, which has been rec-
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'"in ir;l"cdl"ed the first stage, diarrhcBa is the most .conspicuous
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(December 19th), and found him suffering from some prodromal
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honorable in conduct and loyal to his friends, his memory will
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experiments of Boussingault 1 that a plant destined to be
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The inserted table shows the results better than any
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vessels, which not only afforded better security in
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This had, however, failed to act as a drain, and the scalp
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the body which favor the colonization, growth, and multi-
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up in the older child or in the adult an idea of the object, just as its
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the ideal after-treatment. This is undoubtedly the suture
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color is not referable to the gastric juice ; but it is blackened by
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drink freely of water. If this treatment does not cause urine to pass, we
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Chronic Progressive. — 145. Berkeley. Med. News, N.Y. 1883, xliii. — 146. BiER-
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and you will revive the patient, if he has any sensibili-
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The acute cases generally occur in children and young adults, the emacia-
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there would be no valley ; if it were double, each tumor being separate,
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attacks a few moments ; it was, therefore, difficult to inject at
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that Cincinnati has already quite enough hospitals. Our
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marshes, and rivers, especially when connected in any way with the
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The dyspepsia may, indeed, be a neurosis. Thus night terrors in cases
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rienced. In a case under my observation, a friend sat by the side ot*»
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and total paralysis ; but there are degrees even in apoplectic seizure,
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sac. (2) In many traumatic cases the visceral pleura is torn
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ernor-General of Algiers, an antirabic institute, which
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degradation of function in the same parts. Whatever the precise cause
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have electric arcs permanently placed in an incandescent
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doxical reactions (e.g., excitement, stimulation and acute rage)
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They guarded against relapses by continuing liquid food
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ulcers being usually situated on the posterior wall, the surface of the pancreas
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then a real requirement after any operation incident
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toxic to the extent as to paralyze the vital centers? Can