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great reparative power ; also, that it was disastrous to re-
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segment as in the case of the aorta, because this i)ortion of the
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sheep-dog, again takes her place in the dock— her countenance
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For a month matters remained stationary, the haze coming and going, but
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Warm poultices had been applied to the eye, followed by the
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been productive of great pain, of sloughing of the mucous mem-
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the upper border of tbe musdes. The skin is closed by continuous
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and that it was only on receiving a positive certificate from
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having the brittle, chalky teeth we commonly see. Diet is of the first importance
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Intestinal Obstruction : Tubal Abscess. Dr. Louis Frank: I have a
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tetanus in the various external injuries to which the body is subjected.
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sensitive to increases in prices. Moreover, as prices increase,
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likely to relieve him. The situation was discussed very
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the number of them. I took notice of six or seven of some big-
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cavity. It gave a pure streptococcal growth. At the post-
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Glands that become the seat of tuberculosis enlarge and
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of the disease, the neurosis, which soon follows the initial catarrh, and
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Suppurative meningitis most marked over the base, but spreading over the
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acid in the blood, and a consequent soporific effect
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circumstances from saturated bedclothes, and direct contamination of
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of special value in skin diseases, rheumatism, neuralgia,
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we think it is due to its distinguished author that the volume should be repro-
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Vereinig. Berlin. Chirurg., 12. Feb.] <Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Leipz.,
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and 1 in Belgium. About 70 of them are subsequent to the
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ditions of health. Therefore in this state of things it is high
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types of meningococcus react alike to immune serum, while various
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The chemical formula of this drug is H,0,, and by its
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luaine med.. Par.. 1895, xv, 285. — Iiees (D. B.) Case of
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their strength and preservation. They are easy of transporta-
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quently found, as well as many other pathogenic micro-organisms.
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one, affecting the arteries in the rest of the body as well as
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less liability of the instrument becoming jammed in the groove. This
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The glands in the groin, are those usually affected