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would thereby confer a premium upon vice, for as a man be-
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The first prize is on the Etiology and Prevalence of Diseases
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at the upper p;ut of the arm area. A typical case of this kind has been
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tumor ; it was less Bxed and hard when the limb was flexed, and could
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thorax, knees, and legs, extreme agitation, fudden proftration
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(1 lb.— 453.6) and HCl (i lb.— 226.8), the latter just before the bath is taken.
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Professor Ralph Stockman, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., Glasgow,
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linity (I have one case in mind operated upon in 1875, ^bo is still a charming,
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Mr. Teevan remarked that this was the youngest patient on
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Recently a number of cases have oeen published by others in books and
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g6n. de therap. [etc.], Par., 1886, cxi, 274-270. — Diigas
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(E.) Fievre tyi-hoide; peritouite par perforation ; lajjaro-
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Essentials of Physiology. By F. A. Bainbridge, M.A., M.D.,
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I have seen only brains." The above is in her own words, as near-
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and alarm is felt in all that part of Europe bordering on
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Practice Sales: Receive the maximum fair market value for your practice. Confidentiality, purchaser screening, and
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such horrible floodings as result in death in so short a time as two of the
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Never have we seen this Association so stirred by a speech
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sooner enters the vessels than it streams out into the tissues and the
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of tea excites the nervous system, and so on. Abstinence in such cases
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build up the system. To the tonsils, if much inflamed, may be
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Inasmuch as at the very beginning of the Renaissance
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stained multinuclear cells is increased. This action is due
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,^^j^«^ soda should be dissolved first, and then the acid added, and the
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. the Medical Record, Aug. C and 13, 1881, vol. sx.
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direitive agency. The physical forces may be — Dr. Carpenter
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tiously avoiding all unnecessary interference. The fol-
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finally consented. I found the hymen obliterated, the vulva gapping, and a relaxed
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this subject lead one to believe that only the fibrous tissue is
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figures aloud for some days ; they were no longer so dilated when I
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first treatment. The patient died, however, before a cure could
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nothing in common with Addison's disease. There remains, however, a very
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The brain is, however, intimately connected with the organs
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selves wholly unconnected, rather than the result of cause and
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the intestinal canal. On Thursday, May 3d, in preseiice
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toms. — The daily amount of urine varies from 4 to 5 pints to as many gaUons.