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the epileptic who furnishes the material for the injec-

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Glands that become the seat of tuberculosis enlarge and

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scribed as proper to it in the unimpregnated state,

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thought that the modified lamp would suffice and havi

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are usually curved or twisted ; or they may be spiral, like a ram's horn.

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Glasgow M. J.. 1888, xxix, 334-330 — Kognian. La patho-

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with any degree of certainty, conquer the obstacles, and make him master of this

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diseases from which pellagra must be differentiated. No attempt is

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h^-o^^c z£z&Ll <4£r^-JL*/ JU^ jtZx^-a/^r £ta

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were all more or less inclined to the belief that the tumor was a sarcoma.

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many cases the cabb.ige has been converted into a pe-

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culose };aiicho; resection de la tele liumerale ; grattage

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thousand dollars was appropriated for the purpose. This

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canal was rigid and only admitted the tip of the index-finger.

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readily passes to the bottom below, which is of rubber

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agrees with the modern autotoxic theory of epilepsy.

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same salt in small doses. For the disagreeable fetid odor the alternate use of

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dent of that society and has been ever since that society was organized.

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tinuity of their effects in the effort to reach, but never

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involve the destruction of any portion of the appendix.

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color. As the metallic end of the lamp still became

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The Xew Yurk Medical Journal for March contains a most

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full of suggestion such examinations are, the preceding pages

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The common school fund may be taken as an illustration.

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a predisposition to inflammatory disorders. — Ed.

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normal life. She was able to bear children, and may live to

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although markedly benefited, has been obliged to suspend the treatment

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namber and size, and in some cases the api)earance of the purulent col-

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t " Ueber den Einfluss acuter Krankheiten auf die Entstehnug von Geistes-

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30th paracentesis was made and about sixteen quarts of fluid removed.

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Temporary exposure to the cold air of the bedroom, or a wet pack^

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In this series of essays are briefly di>^cussed, the character, seat, diagnosis, prog-

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medical profession. Now, if there is anything that the medical profession

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ercise vai'ious transparent devices for keeping him,

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oxygenated water. Thus, ammonium sulphate, dissolved in hydrogen

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a period the antiquity of which cannot yet be calculated, but which contradicts