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relative safety of chloroform in parturition ceases with the birth of the

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care. Patients justifiably are not comfortable with anyone

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The mesentery being too short, the exit is too small, and in consequence of

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difeafe from another, and to arrange difeafes in fuch a way as may

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When the alkaline reaction is fairly established, their formation ceases, and

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1881. Her history was as follows: Her father died of acute consumption at about the

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* There has been no sheep-pox in Great Britain since 1862. — Tr.

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Dr. Dickson— It would be all the evidence available, I presume.

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as my tables show, what is a man's power in his ocular

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upwards. There is usually a friction murmur to begin with, and the

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which modern physicians call by that name, a number of

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Diarrhoea, as already stated (see p. 390), occurs much more frequently

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Risk factors for the development of hyperkalemia include renal insufficiency, diabetes mellitus, and the concomitant use

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the gathering of all the members of the profession, numbering

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on syphilitic affections of the eyes and teeth, which

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ofnearalgia. Mercury and iodine are curative in cases of syphilis. Opium

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absolutely no guaranty that ten years later, or less,

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ticercus celluloses. The cysticercus pisiformis of the rabbit and

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cures thus rapidly, we should have no anxiety with regard to

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many friends far and near who have long appreciated his

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391.— Toulouse (E. ) & iUarchaiid (L. ) Paralysie

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is thus brought into increased action, whilst that which during

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Ixxxiii, 555-557. Also: M6m. et conipt.-rend. Soc. d. so.

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frequently observed in the dejecta. Straining was not an

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by Augpustub A. Ashner, M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Philadelphia Polyclinic.

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peared prominently at the meeting of the International

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Dr. H. E. Spalding exhibited a vaginal tube which he had

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be intractable, the patient only evacuating her bowels under the influence

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the abdomen and two fingers introduced into the vaginal canal,

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ment of life. It would be unjust to say that this has not al-

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present at the time of operation, being extracted by the spirit in which

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on the same landing suddenly developed diphtheria. In con-

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The bones are sometimes the first to exhibit traces of scrofula ; then

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of abdominal muscles. Involvement of right upper extremity

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enteritis with intestinal haemorrhage. Multiple embolic myo-

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some respects similar to those previously mentioned, which need

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ing Pintsch gas tanks has been recommended. It is cheap and said

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dermoid tissue becomes ruptured ; then the mucous coat easily

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thin), is heard, double, over the whole length of the sternum, being audible, with pressure

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laries of the brain on the other. All three coats of the