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of the ascites after paracentesis, as a differential diagnostic sign

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arrangement in lines radiating from the macula, which is

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perhaps the work attributed to the secretion of the pancreas

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they may set up initiatory lesions either in the tonsils, lungs, or pleura, passio;

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A PHTsiciAN in the State of Maine, in a ple:i!«antly situated, umall, flonrishin; villaee, abodt 35 milee

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medical conversation. The reports continue favorable,

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greenish stools. Even more remarkable is this toler-

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of the more crowded tenement-houses, ' is not, nor can it come

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and liver, and kidneys, and intestines, all seem to be well, her .womb

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filaments to both the pleural and peritoneal investments of the

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The lungs of a normal animal may be filled with isotonic salt

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was a failure. In the four others the edges of the inocula-

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taining tlie History^ Pathology, Symptoms, and 'treat-

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lifetime, erect a single finger-post to guide our successors in their oft-times

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sense of touch — the only one in which man excelled the

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signs were drawn by Mr. Charles Pleiffer, architect,

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a gallon of alcohol for six days and filtered. The dose

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COMMUNICATIONS have been received from :.— Dr. J. Birkbeck

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ty of fluid : but it also happens, that the swelling which takes

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ideas of physiology were fantastical is not a discovery of

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If the case was one after recent accident, where the integu-

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orifice by anterior rhinoscopy, but such cases are extremely rare. More-

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»ws. This is necessarily an opinion of the reporter and not a state-

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which he was then suffering, and not within the whole period had

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inous, mucoid masses. Large lymph-cells containing blood-corpuscles are

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observes that of forty cases in which this operation

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has been suppressed, and we are ready to see exactly

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that the murmur produced is carried into this vessel.

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leukocytic accumulation in the interstices between the alveoli, as well as

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for long entirely healed. Complete anchylosis has taken place,

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'"■ ^l'-i"i- "lii> Il -li-iiki in- llif >.i-,-. tlr Im^mt luhf >,in h,. ,,tniit,-J ,,nj thr

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It Is very large, profusely and elegantly Illustrated,

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22.23 per cent, to 2.21 per cent., while the French army lost in one

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diagnosis, render, I believe, the affection less likely to be

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tion of so-called Cells- Half ord on Death from Snake Bite— Williams on