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As a rule this may best be accomplished by immersing the infected

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the abdominal wall is closed and the stomach incised with the knife

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the use of sulphur in tiie treatment of syphilis. The con-

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shows only a quantitative change with no reaction of degeneration. The

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24. Rosenhelmer : Pathologic und Theraple der Krankhelten der

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(3) The age of the patient is also noteworthy. The great majority

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that the danger of mechanical urethritis and cystitis as

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traction builds up its own slow independent rhythm.

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some diseases, such as dysentery, diarrhosa, the vis a

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come the time for us to consider whether we shall register him.

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whole ground, clearness of description and con- I the strength, mode of application and other details

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autumnal malaria, the latter may become pernicious from the individ-

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treatment.-' I'ime has confirmed these results, and

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factory flavor than when the fat is greatly increased, as is the case

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College, Philadelphia, etc. Volume 1, March, 1S99, Surgery of the Head, Neck,

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Pollitzer. Morrow's System of Genito- Urinary Diseases, etc. 1894, vol. iii. part 2, p.

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am touching him, and the superficial reflexes, the plantar, and the

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hours old at the time It was Injected Into the guinea pigs. On April ^5, 1909,

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With this understanding Ambrose Pari, on August 18th, 1554,

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Medical Student and Practitioner in B«lation to the

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matter had been expectorated and cavities existed. Many re-

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Tbe post-mortem examination, made thirty -seven hours after death, revealed the

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and it again becomes the duty of your Secretary to gather up its varied

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qualities, is incompatible with the vitality of the organs, solely

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disease, when once firmly impressed on it, and recalls to mind