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this complication. When pyemia manifests itself after injuries or opera-
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A question may here be answered as to the connection
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developed brains ; in fact, to act as a pleasant, amusing drill.
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was, he thought, the best remedy to quickly relieve the
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will fill the place of the omission and accomplish the objects
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to give a good view ; it is only in the third, or perhaps not till the fourth,
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X. 1.5-2L — 9Iartiii (G ) L'hviiieue de la vue dans I'ecri-
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cystitis, with the patient presenting with gross hematuria and
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have been present at this period, they were very in-
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sels; (3) upon the thickness of the layers of skin covering the vessels.
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of about a quarter of an inch all over its upper surface.
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ensue in the other symptoms, A feeling of comparative comfort is
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incised just above the bulb. If hemorrhage does not take place from
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baffle our expectations and disappoint our preconceived opinions :
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tappings were called for in the next fortnight. The girl
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irrigation was cumbersome, complicated, and often, in cases where the
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myself as District Councillor by the receipt 48 hours? This is the question which trou-
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Medicine to lih the vacancy occasioned by the death of
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adhered to throughout the entire period of observation.
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a pleasurable appetite. And here let me congratidate your
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pai-t coarse and large. Towards the end of digestion, forty-eight
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had graduated. 10 An essay entitled “Reflections,” written by
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with a tight-fitting rubber stopper, through which two glass tubes pass.
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and no change elsewhere, and the difficulty of breathing is due to pa-
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tion is " anemia " and as the better known " chlorosis," or