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at first, but may subsequently become purulent. A pleuropericardial
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of ten years of age with typhoid aphasia, the aphasia partially disappeared
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ably recall many points of difference. The "head" of the pupa of
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the healthy urethra. But it still remains to be proven that the object of treat-
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nu'nt alli\cd t^ thr jnivcr b.ii. 'I'lic c\ttii-i..n i- tiulitriicd until the bones
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nucleus, which was before hardly visible, becomes swollen and is seg-
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tails of the operations, so well are they generally under-
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case. Under certain circumstances there is nothing better than com-
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Our salvation from this evil lies not in the courts, its correction
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remedy after enumerating it among the principal exciting causes of
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of the terms. In one magnificent imperial octavo volume of
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In an astonishingly short time, and after the inhalation
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(#22) was removed from consideration the DNA index for
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rations of alcohol, did not act as restoratives in collapse, but
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day, and Thursday, September 21^,, 25, and 26, 1895.
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laws of the two diseases might be adduced. The foregoing, however, it
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at the School of .Medicine, Professor Bouchardat de-
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to strengthen the nervous system and to find the exciting cause of the attack
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operation. At the necropsy a rent an inch in length was
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bitting, or wool to the neck, with some anodyne remedy if the pain l)e
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sputum spread upon cover-glasses, fixed and stained in
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the proteins which furnish it with life. The normal
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liealthy state, and every febrile symptom has disap})eared. The
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It will be seen from the following table, that the deaths from the various forms of
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must be secured. The skin of the leg is first washed, shaved and car-
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Flea (2) „ 10.10 a.m., injected 11.10 a.m. (1 hour).
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each of the average size at full term and each gaping
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tween epilepsy and hysteric convulsions. Statistics show
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It is advisable that the forceps be warmed and dipped in oil
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years. The patient has had three distinct attacks of gastric disturbances
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before he became a leader in the French Revolution. Our
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has been suppressed, and we are ready to see exactly
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m?atus down to the diseased parts, when the carrier
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tion which constipation gives, but from the increased
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this improvement is sometimes so well marked as to be noticed on