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itors : I have been a reader of your valuable Journal for many years, and
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1 Ulavine and Brilliant Green. Powerful Antiseptics with
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to five per cent., in traumaticin are to be applied. Mas-
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diagnosis, ^^'hether this case corresponds with McKee's folliculitis
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are in constant use for the removal of fertilizers and
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the eyes of the vulgar, to create a suspicion of murder ; and some person;
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flammatory change. Accordingly, he holds that it is not
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Case XIX. — The patient, a man aged 40, always held the eyes looking straight
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lungs; fifth to ninth dorsal segments furnish the sympathetic nerves to
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tive successful operations. He used the gorget in all. He
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size, and shape. They are excavated with foul bottoms
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Ncz'cr feed your typhoid fever patients solid food until all fever,
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The difeafe began in Leghorn about the middle of the month
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Inspection. — The cheek is the part affected. Externally,
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to the form of the vertebra? is ushered in and, in general,
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the opportunities that they previously had of manifesting their
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Out of the 108 candidates examined, twenty-four having-
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in the one case, as in the other, is the means by which development and
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inception of symptoms pain began in the region of left kid-
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day of fever ; prominent symptoms were epigastric tenderness,
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In addition to the following doses those remedies advised for
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XsioTogicaUy impossible, and upon that event the wills of husband and wife
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mode of dying will the case under treatment end fatally if the patient do
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system and its membranes; (3) changes in the nervous tissue itself,
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{Jour. Biol. Chem., Baltimore, AugTist, 1920, Ixiii, No. 1, p. 295).
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production of the compensation, possibly the thalamus opticus,
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5. Place the irrigator in the brass ring, which has been screwed
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sequestra were removed by operation, the cavity of Highmore being thereby
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and probably for life 1 What is the public to think,
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quently found, as well as many other pathogenic micro-organisms.
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ice, until suppuration is established. Transportation of the wounded
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extirpate only the epididymis with the vas deferens
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tient's mouth and caused coughing, but he was convinced that
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pious, not going so far as superstition, conducting
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Torsion requires but the turning of the forceps, in the
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Unusual facilities will he offered for the study of Practical Anatomy under
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Crystalline Lens," published in the Philosophical Transactions for the
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cians who contemplate entering one of the branches of the public service, also for the