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obtainable upon this head. The teachings of physiology direct that animal

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quality of milk, in the same sense that antiseptic surgery is a great

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interesting facts in regard to the location, facilities, and sanitary condition of

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and psychiatric, including chemical dependency. 8 Metabolic

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from the secretary of the local board at any of the following named places : At places marked

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Other Haemosporidia which are very important in diseases of domesticated

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the growth is dependent, to a great extent, upon the amount of epithelial

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In 1912 the National Electric Light Association requested the

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full-time rental in Colchester, a fast growing community in

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cases. One in particular he instanced, when he once

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By this time he is getting the characteristic physio-

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constitutional disturl)anceis moderate, and especially in

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X. 1.5-2L — 9Iartiii (G ) L'hviiieue de la vue dans I'ecri-

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diameter at its thickest part; the female from 20-40 cm.

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" It is certainly desirable to keep the patient under

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perience has shown that they soon forget the existence

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der. Professor of Midwifery, and Director of the Lying-in Institution,

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to produce full vomiting. Nit. arg. to the throat internally, once or

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population 18,377 ; salary £120 per annum. Also the Workhouse ; salary

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Thus, while using the KTT reduces the incidence of pulmo-

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ment ant^rietir de I'ojil comiiie traitement des ac-

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ble without a fraction only by 2 and 5, while 12 is

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unpleasant odor, does not injure fabrics, makes no stain, and

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and repeated if necessary. If the patient suffers much from

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that was convulsed. Ice had been applied to his head before I

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6. If this fail to remedy the disorders of other muscles their nerve-

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membrane loose, cut it off, bring the skin up as near the

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dealt with, but no attempt is made to produce a complete treatise on

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' Stricture of the Male Urethra, 2d edition, p. 171.

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license has been issued after a state examination of as

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nnder way; and I want to say to any members who have pathologic specimens

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tions', &c. In obstetricy, it is very useful to lubricate the vagina and