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to stimulate the gall-bladder to contract, as well as to relax the

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local secretary, in goodly numbers. Widowed mothers, with

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tion' that insular sclerosis develops, while the neuroglia also takes a chief

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on the importance of studying the means of prevention in such a fatal and

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should always be tried before resort to symphyseotomy. 6. Its

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deposits on the inflamed coils of intestine. No fluid exudate in the peri-

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tration of light diluent drinks, lest this system might be carried too far, he

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abdominal condition is present when, as a matter of fact the gastric or

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with other symptoms of spinal disorder than mere loss of

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of a licensed house which requires greater care than the

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he could not rise from bed by a three days' treatment with

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of hydronaphthol about 1 to 1100. Iodoform gauze is not

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of the community generally. On the other hand, it is no less

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held firm in its position, when the patient throws herself

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I have simply shown these cases with the hope that it might be of

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fession, but especially to the "Common practitioner."

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respecting him. He presented him as one of the greatest

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The Vaginal Secretion ok Pregn \nt Women. -Kdnig 1 1 '< ntralblatt

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ureteral affections, and particularly the means we possess in

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sarily produce corresponding variations in the specific gravity; a in inr \ ith

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at an angle of 90 . In this way the full energy of the arc

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after the operation. This observer had concluded that

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the onset of paralysis — the cause is syphilis." The diagnostic value of

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hence vibrating more actively, owing to the additional flow of blood

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The temperature oscillates rapidly from high to low,

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oxide. This combination with the metal prevents the extraction of

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in the remarkable cures that are brought about by their use.

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reagents), because of the ease and simplicity in using.

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a rose burr in the dental engine, should be used. As

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for both physicians and office staffs. It was VOTED to

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sphygmogram so generally, or in such a marked manner as Hill asserts. Clinically,

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tween the various authors as to the presence of and

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were administered per rectum every four hours. Within

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which he was then suffering, and not within the whole period had

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it has a specific gravity of 0*020, may be employed

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axis-cylinder surrounded by a sheath of myelin, which in turn

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If you are looking for a new community or your clinic

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