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tended a previous Course in this Institution. Graduates are charged, in addition, $18, for a

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the erroneous notion. Cases have been reported, in the practice of their

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gave her the usual two-dram vial of pellets of China 6, with

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are common feelings among patients and relatives. The social worker

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Section on Physiology. — Papers read : " Mucous and

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bed of a person with puerpend fever with fear and trembling,

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Med. Journ.," (Feb. 13, 1897). Griinbaum, who claims to have dis-

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tract the disease. Some cases which occurred during an epidemic presented

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to excoriation. At this time, too, there is often considerable itching of the

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galize the taking of life in incurable cases is certainly of great

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to withdraw when he intends to leave a little in the bladder), by remember-

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Masern wahrend einer epidemischen Verbreitung derselben," Oesterreichische

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words, it is a purely cerebral phenomenon, of which they instinctively

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while in modern times the application of the principles of

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that so much time was required for the special examinations

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fatigue and discouragement. Contra-indications for this treatment are few. Ful-

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troduced into a vein. The best antidote for snake-bite is

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not appear until after the lapse of several months, although the assimila-

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present very few gastric symptoms, the general lesion

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Author's German silver flat-foot arch support. Side view (Fig. 42) 187

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disease within. It must not be forgotten, however, that its general form

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color tint. The pia mater is generally congested and, together with the nerve-

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These bundles are made, one dozen at a time, and placed with a druggist near

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vomiting, sweating, blistering, poulticing, depleting, stiirfulating, and

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DEFORMITY, ADENIODS THE CAUSE.— Coolidge, (May 19th), in a

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The ethical issues involved in this case are clear. Do we as

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against such an event is 18!),(J00,()()0 to 1. That is a

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Keyes writes that he had tested it in a series of cases in

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of Connecticut ; Dr. Swing, of Pennsylvania ; and Drs.

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eat and grow, move about, and deal as intelligently

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leus and upper margin. Left less so, but yet injected. Both papilla; very