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above are usually sufficient to establish a diagnosis, but the

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1st. That we have in this a proof that a morbid contagious matter may be

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ritis resulting from rectal gonorrhea have been reported,

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This may result in the passage of a Httle bloody mucus but frequently

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during which a second dose cannot be delivered by the

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(4) The assertion of Ponti. of Parmn. that ergot must give way to quinia,

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out from the absorbents by a lining membrane or wall

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forcible twisting movement of the neck, although the arterial

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considerable amount. Sedentary pursuits and high living.

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sidered several pounds of fresh material being daily added and an equal

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gave one fourth grain morphia hypodermically, and directed the

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quite pendulous, and occupied the axillary space, and

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the preparation illuminated by a subsidiary lamp, the light from which

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is natural also in the human female. I consider the following as

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orifice, and the parts carefully washed and kept clean. If it is

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preparations should be thoroughly dried and examined

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but will give results that are gratifying to both the patient and the medi-

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and instructions for associated movements at home. The aeti-

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but in a modified degree ; and in addition, a continued pain or uneasiness

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surface is re-established, appearing as if a new border had been

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is not pleasant, and there is no clear reason why the

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condition for the operation. As the foetus had lived in the amniotic

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might find the portal of entrance of the invading or-

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stools. A few days observation confirmed this opinion. Calomel,

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red count and hemoglobin values remain unaffected. The leukocytes

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city of Rome during the centuries immediately following

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fended his view that the cholera at Toulon and Marseilles

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very great tendency the tubes have to change their vacuum

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In a paper on the cure of epigastric hernia, Dr. Ter-