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alcoholism and chronic hepatitis, furnishes the largest
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in an able and satisfactory manner. The extent of the various excretions
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the outside solutions were measured at the point of equihbrium and
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the excurrent nerves taking an oppofite direction at this place.
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He placed the patient, a boy, under the influence of an
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f loops of the bowel occurs. The bowel becomes distended,
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weight, and should be constructed, when practicable, so that the end quantity
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Our salvation from this evil lies not in the courts, its correction
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as patient advocates, we can find the answer. Divided,
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nutrition. In most cases, this, of itself, will quiet the delirium, induce
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priation for the erection of a State Hospital for the Insane. After delays not
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Controls are made, preferably on the other arm, and
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form a mental picture of the malady, and to endeavour to see, with the
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the characteristics of the constitution to which it be-
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Ward Richardson, M. D., F. R. S., etc. New York: D. Appleton
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irregular, and not explainable by any combination of heart block. During the
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whether it can entirely fail remains for discussion.
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(Continued f row p. 269, vol. x % At . 17, .7.7, . iS).
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among the lower classes of society. It may be stated, in this connection,
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reach a diagnosis, but he was not treated. He was then
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scarcely any mitigation or intermission, and great coldness of the extremities,
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eight years ; for a year her speech had been impaired, and at the last it was
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cause of cunratures, as being frequently the result of im-
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Pityriasis versicolor is a very common affection, and often appears upon
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lower portion of the ileum, the descending colon, the ascending colon, and
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also illustrated in mental affections. We are in the latter
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particularly the left ventricle, wliich was filled with coagu-
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any other affection, and not accompanied by hemorrhage elsewhere than
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' I see,* quoth he, * the elephant Is very like a rope.'
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essential to its occurrence, as was at one time supposed. It is an affection
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The best market for brood mares, whether in regard to
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were not obtained, and, indeed, that in more than one instance
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3. Cholera. — Mix a tablespoonful of Carbolic Acid in a