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one; about a teacupful of pus escaped, and the pus still continued to
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removed. If the abscess is around the appendix vermi-
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raised, and rightly so. As midwives are now legalised practi-
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come finally to the conclusion that the most good could be ef-
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creased production of heat, does it make its presence felt in such a
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7. Annual Reports Supervising Surgeon Marine Hospital Service
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reported in 1 to 5 of 1000 patients Miscellaneous — Each of the following reported in 1 to 5
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mittee on New Remedies, Dr. H. P. Wenzel, Chairman.
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covery of which time means hope of life), it would be well were it
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same time there is a second marked rise of blood-pressure in the
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according as one or the other of these two factors is predominant,
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have been enabled to show you to-day all three of the
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responsibihty. Expressage by Messrs. Jacob and Valen-
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In case of rupture into the peritoneal cavity, with hemorrhage; operation, to
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arteriotomy, and is best performed by a lancet. In some cases
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outer corner of the eyelid to enlarge the orifice, then by pressure,
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If we now select couples at random from the population, the follow-
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this wound, not only on account of the gaping opening of the skin, but also be-
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also in cleansing the gastro-intestinal tract of various germs.
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authors to signify that the disease is of syphilitic origin,
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rations of alcohol, did not act as restoratives in collapse, but
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Columbia have in recent times come under third party
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tion ; so that, in all, we have regularly graduated twenty individuals,
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grasping her, stopping often and coiling his tail. He then coils the pos-
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changes in the methods for the diagnosis of disease, hence we
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the story of the French interne who contracted the same dis-
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It's just another Tuesday afternoon in February, and
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Association ; Fellow of the American Association of Obstetricians and
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for this examination shall be paid by the challengers.
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to intestinal parasites, especially the Ankylostomaduodenale
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the other to allow only the discernment of large objects or the recog-
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which divides the gum, but does not extend into the palate.
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nime t\pic.il, .iiid ijradii.ilK tiie svndroiiie ul -\nipt<ini- nieniiuned behiw
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fatal in Belgium between 1830 and 1840 as it is in the United States
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ing pathologic condition. Most of the patients who die of puerperal
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orifice by anterior rhinoscopy, but such cases are extremely rare. More-
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the pelvis. In quadrupeds practically no ureteral angle or isthmus
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efficient, and responsive to the needs of the Pulaski County
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the opportunities that they previously had of manifesting their
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Hillier considers it the most desirable antiseptic that has