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tion involving almost all of them, such as a bronchial
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be detected on the screen. One might have expected, however,
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nected history of his malady. His answers have been
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of mercury and low diet, was laid aside. A single dose of jalap and
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A Bogus Medical Diploma Mill. — The Cincinnati pa-
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659.— Casselbcrry (I.) Tbe use of water in tbe treat-
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and Geraghty, J. T., Arch. Int. Med., 1915, xvi, 547) have convinced us that
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trated by plans of hospital cars and steamboats, which, together with the text,
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away, a point which will be dealt with later. It must, however, be borne
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that the testator was a master-mariner. He made his will on December 2,
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Infirmary, most of his time was devoted to that institution. Strange as it
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would likely result fatally, the complete operation to be done later.
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defective tactile and painful sensibility at the tips of the fingers may be
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letter, has been very much changed in its external form by the
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animals, and even in man himself, were connected with the growth of
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The picture would have a background of fertile fields. Olmsted County always
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and in a few cases, where he obtained characteristic ba-
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»ome times epidemic. Damp, gloomy, and badly ventilated dwellings,
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experiences following a small number of similar limited experiences
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closely resembles it in its character than any other disease, apd
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of the balance between the strength pf the action of the heart and the
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The statement put forth by the experts in the Watson and
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