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found the bilateral to be the most common — the rent being
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we have to deal Avith, it is plain we should employ reliable methods
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protect to a certain degree against the filthy sheets dis-
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evening the temperature rises rapidly to from 101° to 104°. A variation
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tique dans les champignons. 76i(J.,1898, 10. s., v, 972-974.
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Examination for bacilli was negative for the lungs, but .
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forcibly in the use of new drugs, and the slightest sign that a remedy is
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to modify the original name of Lewis's filaria. This
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mine that has not been exposed. A half to three-quarters of an hour
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her home. Upon presentation at the Special Dispensary, the
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In his private relations Dr. Snow was a man of the strictest
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At a stated meeting of this County Societ}^, the sub-
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tributed the trouble to syphilis there was a distinct his-
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The Western Passenger Association has granted throughout
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to be considered in our experiments. In his extensive work on
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There should be no superfluous ornament, corners, or projections
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flexion. The right shoulder-girdle was atrophied and especially the
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in the same way, and Delwart and Robertson refer to other
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be kept warm by coverings and by " hot bottles," " warming pans,"
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time the drug is often very much reduced, before retiring at
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the reptile, the cold-blooded inhabitant of tropical
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simultaneous occurrence is indicative of disturbance of an
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mensions being ascertained, we should act as if the cal-
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to have been bitten by rabid dogs, only four had died of
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one, affecting the arteries in the rest of the body as well as
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15-day evacuation policy when the accumulation is made
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sixth year. When about six years of age he went to bed one night in
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girl of 11 is a pawnbroker. Two girls of 11 serve in the bars of
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no other medicine whatever : and indeed we needed no other,