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ciates the duties of his new office, and that he has

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lutely increased in most cases of delirium tremens,

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any other affection, and not accompanied by hemorrhage elsewhere than

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munisation des lapins contre le streptocoquo de l'6rysi-

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have been issued by the State of Massachusetts is dis-

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medulla, myelitis of this pai't is not accompanied by apoplectic symp-

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In the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal^ for November 29th,

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Ueber den diaguostiscben Wert (ler elekti isclieii Duich-

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characteristics, as it is also a trying one to those who are with them. There is

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and Bacelli, the Italian pathologist and Cabinet Minister, were

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A Case of Luetic Bilateral Posticus Paralysis Result-

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occasional exceptions. With respect to certain of the diseases which are

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liistory, spending many of his leisure hours in dissecting small

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nancy, childbirth, or the puerperium) and 648.8 (abnormal

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softer than nsuaU The blood of the spleen contained acicular crystals of hsematin. Kidneys

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relative rank of master or ensign ; and, further, that no person shall be

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upon a physician a rifjbt to sue; but, on the contrary,

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With reference to unknown causes of cough, there was one

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Latin Classics, with highly finished engravings of the au-

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do not coincide in one character. To the objection, that diffe-

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according to the urgency of tbe symptoms, until beneficial reaction takes

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ment of general paralysis and tabes dorsalis will meet with

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with a tight-fitting rubber stopper, through which two glass tubes pass.

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neighborhood of Cheshire, and as far as North Adams. In

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the announcement of his discovery with the statement that he con-j

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down, to the right and left, the greater part of the fun-

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Guardians are urged by the Privy Council to do whatever

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burg County, after recovery from the initial attack, the chance of free-

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decided to increase the amount of opiates, administer i

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may then vary from a light pink to a dark red. On standing, even

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The frequency of the Babinski reflex in hemiplegia has been

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